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9 February, 2018

Seeley International is hosting a series of “Stay Ahead of the HVAC Curve” industry events across the Nation to generate discussion, spark debate and encourage greater understanding about what the HVAC industry can do to better help businesses to reduce their energy costs and create healthy indoor environments using highly-specialised commercial solutions.


Bringing you natural air conditioning that's out of this world, but won’t cost the earth has been Seeley International's aim since 1972. Evaporative air conditioning is the natural way to cool your home, and it uses much less energy than other forms of cooling, so you can keep your power bills low and reduce your impact on the environment. Seeley International has two great evaporative cooling brands for you to choose from – Breezair and Convair.

Commercial / Industrial

Seeley International manufactures Climate Wizard – the innovation revolution in cooling technology. Climate Wizard is an indirect evaporative air cooler and works by using the natural cooling power of evaporation to dramatically reduce air temperature – without adding moisture to the air. Climate Wizard’s commercial models were launched in February 2010. To date, Climate Wizards have been installed in data centres, universities, community centres, food processing facilities and airports.


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